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The Edge Of The World, Ice Deserts Of Iceland

Iceland is one of the youngest on earth; it was discovered 16 million years ago. it consist of dramatic features such as volcanic hot sports, very adorable and powerful waterfalls, green valley’s as well as deserts and jet-black beaches pounded by the white surf found in north Atlantic sea.

Iceland stands as the only place that is not polluted, since its dependant on hydropower and geothermal for energy. There is no use of fertilizers for their crops, antibiotics and growth hormones for livestock are prohibited. This land is blessed with hot springs and healing pools that have a claim to healing some ailments. It has so many places that energy from the earth can be felt.

Most of Iceland vegetations plus agricultural areas are based on the lowlands that are close to the coastline. With the most distinctive features and tourist attractions being the glaciers, that cover a bigger part of the country. However, in recent times due to a milder weather they seem to have thinned.


For tourist or even the people who love exploring Iceland is the place to be. If you have never been there and you love living on the edge then this is the place to get your high and get to enjoy the best of the country. 

Apart from the country being blessed by physical features that attract anyone who loves nature there is more to Iceland than just glaciers, mountains and volcanoes. There is an inhabitant of beautiful and unique birds. When you get to visit the scenery of the lakes then there you get to meet the humpack whales. If one can manage to visit and explore Iceland very well then you will be drowned by the shifting landscapes as well as the Icelandic horses that are found almost in every place you visit.


These icy desert place also has its highland that are very much rich with treasures around and within the highland. The highlands of Iceland cover a bigger area of the countries interior. It is characterized as un inhabitable desert of black, grey and brown lava fields that have vegetation growing along the banks of the glacial rivers only.

With the first site and first visitation this places look desolate but in real sense they are lovely places to explore as well as have fun while around the place. In short, for people who love living the edge the Iceland highland s would be the best place to start their journey from or heat to.

The best way for one to enjoy, learn and see more than what is written or shown about a place is by taking a road trip around the place where you intend to go. In this case, in Iceland a road trip around the country gets you to see the most beautiful sceneries of Iceland. You get to stop and even take a walk or a hike to explore Iceland.

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