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The Greatest Season

Seasons are part of the human life and no matter the season that is there at the time, we are forced to adjust to it and live with it. At the beginning of every season, there is significance to every individual in this planet. Therefore, whether we like it or not, seasons are not going away since it’s a way of nature taking care of itself as well has the population in the market.

A great season is termed as a season where great things and moments happen to an individual. The seasons in one’s life are determined by the events in his/her life in that season. In this case, we are not talking about individual season but the weather season where not groups of people get transformed but a whole nation or state get to experience changes in the climatic weather of the region.

Most nations/ states experience different weather season in different times but still get almost the same climatic changes thus the winter, summer, autumn and spring. The most common dominator of these seasons despite them occurring at different times is the fact that there is on season entirely that all people love and get to enjoy this season.  Autumn/fall is the best season for almost every one contrary to the common assumption that summer is the greatest.


Reasons why fall is the best season

Several factors have to be considered in order to brand the season of fall as the greatest season of them all. This factors and reasons may vary from one individual to another but it all sums to most of the reasons being similar to individuals across the globe.

i. When the summer is too hot ,and the winter is going to be  really cold then definitely the fall is the fall is just the right season being that it is in the middle and offers a little of both seasons.

ii. When the fall season has arrived then you know it is time to have fun playing dress up. You get to dress up in sweaters and not worry about too much sweating as well as pull up the boots scarf’s as well as the hats.

iii. These are the seasons and time to get cozy. With this weather cuddling under blankets or warming around campfires, become the norm for many as they get the chance to enjoy outdoors as well as indoor. Perfect days for game night are in this season

iv. The food as well is great in this season, where pumpkin and apple picking is intense. Best of all apple pies become the in thing in this season.


v. Autumn is the season that marks the end of lazing around of individuals and shaking off the summer seasons. For most, it marks fresh beginnings and fresh starts in life. For students it I literary that they have fresh starts at this time.

This are just but a tip of the iceberg as compared to what we should expect during this season. Nevertheless, this is one season of the year that memories are made and are not forgotten easily indoors or outdoors. We can confidently say that this is by far the greatest season of the year across the globe and is eagerly waited for every year

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