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The Tornadoes Of Canada

Tornadoes are very dangerous climatic changes that affect a region and leave the place in damaged and full of chaos, from loss of properties to loss of lives. When a tornado hits it hits hard and more often than always do we get to salvage anything. Most metrological departments have the ability to see when it is forming and estimate when it is likely to occur. However, the biggest challenge is how to prevent it from occurring since it is a natural catastrophe.

Canada is always the worst hit with tornadoes, with up to 62 tornadoes a year.  In as much as the tornadoes occur they do not occur in every place. There are specific areas that are normally hit almost all the time, with others being the most affected places. With Saskatchewan leading with the highest every province raging with about 18 tornadoes, and closely followed by Alberta which has an average of 15 tornadoes and lastly Ontario with an average of 12-13 tornadoes each year. 

Tornadoes in Canada have always been hard to monitor with the biggest issue being population density. Some of the areas where tornadoes have been perceived to happen are scarcely populated, thus having no people to report on the activities of the tornadoes in the areas. In most cases this places are discovered by metrological copters that pass over and notice the damages left behind by the tornados.


In recent times tornadoes have recorded the highest damages in Canada and an expected occurrences in areas that are not marked as tornado prone areas, with the number of deaths as well as losses increasing every year. Canada has recorded the highest numbers of the most deadly tornadoes in years.

In terms of the most hit with tornadoes, United States comes first with Canada following in second. With the frequent hits by tornadoes, Canada has tornado alleys as well. Though years back, it was difficult to monitor the tornadoes, in the recent times it has become easier by the year with the invention of more ways of detecting and monitoring of the tornadoes.


A tornado that has been detected earlier in the formation becomes easy to manage, the distractions of poverty and even death can be easily avoided. A tornado that has been detected early in advance is better because you can warn the people around where it is estimated to go through. Even further people can be evacuated to safety until it passes. The death toll in can become minimal because of these detections. 

Evacuation and warning advisory is given in the event a tornado has been sited. The people who are normally hit almost all the time are the ones living in high-risk areas. Nevertheless, when one hears about tornadoes, Canada has always been the first place that is reported. With the latest attack of tornadoes reported in Canada, the second and third tornadoes of this year having occurred in the north of Saskatoon. Funnel clouds were reported north of the city over Martinsville star.

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