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Tourist Paradise, African Weather Beats Winter Always.

Africa could be a third world continental, miles behind other continents economically, as they may rank it, but when there comes the need for those cool, fresh, peaceful and fun moments, Africa is always the solution since it is the home to all  beauties of the nature, that every tourist craves to witness. Africa’s temperate climate, its evergreen breathtaking landscapes, its wildlife, natural beaches, and cultural heritages, propel tourists to leave their chilly continents during winter to come and spend their holidays in the mother land of nature. We now take a look at some of the major tourist hotspots in Africa:

Virunga mountains in DRC Congo

Virunga Mountains is the destination of all tourists aspiring to see the, almost extinct gorillas, which are believed to be remaining only 700 in the whole world. The site’s landscape is quite picturesque with six volcanoes as its constituents.



A trip to Seychelles could be compared to immersing your finger in a honey pot, where you keep sucking the finger. All tourists who ever set their heels to Seychelles, never feel like visiting any other sites but instead, every time they come for vacations, the land there? This is because Seychelles is the home of most beauties of nature. To start with, is the Val lee de Mai Nature Reserve, a UNESCO certified heritage site, which is the home to some birds like the black parrots and the fruit pigeons. The Aldabra Island is another tourist’s hotspot in Seychelles, for its large populations of the giant tortoises that hosts. Seychelles is also known for its breath taking beaches which have even gained rating among the world’s best beaches. The beaches of Anse Lazio, beau vallon and Digue Island’s Anse Source D’Argen, lures every tourist to fall in love with them.


Wildebeests migration in Tanzania

Who wouldn’t like to see massive migration of thousands and thousands of animals migrate in fixed periods of time without forgetting or missing any? Every year, thousands of wildebeests and zebras migrate from Ngorongoro reserve in Tanzania, to Serengeti national reserve and finally end their journey at Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve.


Erg Chebbisand dunes in morocco

Among many breathtaking tourists’ hotspots in Morocco, is the enchanting sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi deserts. A few hours relaxing on the dunes quenches your thirst of the desert action, and makes you feel that your journey was worth it. For those seeking adventure, cameral trekking across the desert or dune-bashing with a four wheel drive could be a better option to get the best enchantments of the desert.

Djenne in Mali

Those with a passion in history, and aspiring to see learn the art of mud creativity should take a trip to Djenne one of the oldest towns in Mali, dating back to around 800 BC, when it started as a marketing hub. The city full of beautifully paint-decorated houses is also the home of the Grand mosque, the world’s largest mud house.  A vacation spent in this ancient city make the most interesting and enjoyable trip ever.

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