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Russian Winter, Or Is It Always So Cold

When people hear of Russian winter, they know it is a nightmare, days, and nights filled with extremely cold times. What most people do not now is that these is not far from the truth but not entirely true. The Russian winter, is known as so because of how the temperatures fall extremely down in winter.

The notion that Russia is extremely cold throughout the year is misleading to many people who may be interested in visiting this place. It is cold yes! Only for five months a year, In as much as it is cold the people living in Russia go on with their daily activities because it does not make sense to put on hold what you do for five months till the winter passes.

How do Russians survive in this weather?

The Russians live and love there country and therefore they have learnt and adapted to surviving even in this kind of weather. For folks ling in the cities there apartments and flats have been fitted with boilers that heat provide heat in their flats. You will be surprised that most Russians stay indoors with t-shirts because it is not as cold as it is outside.

They have learnt to work out side with the cold. Russians have adopted the sense to dress properly during this season. Therefore, go on with their daily lives in the winter as though a normal day. Apart from the fact that there are some days that the temperature fall up to -40 c and they are forced to stay indoors and schools closed, the rest of the days are pretty much a normal day.


Is it always so cold?

Russia is not as cold, as many have perceived it. In fact, some parts of this country are warmer than in the states during summer. Just like any another state they also do have season like summer and they get the ray of sunlight. Some of the cities in Russia such as Sochi even have resorts for holidays… the temperature in Sochi sometimes rises up to +40 degrees Celsius. Meaning that Russia is not as cold as many have been led to believe.


Transportation in Russia during winter

You may think that with the winter in Russia and the harsh conditions of the road when it snows that transportation is halted but this is not the case. Transportation in Russia goes on as usual. During winter the tires of their machines are changed to ones that are able to cope with the roads and the snow. Airports always operate even in this kind of weather with buses and trains as well  only stopping when the weather gets worse which is rare and lasts a short time.


However, in some instances, the temperatures can fall up to -30 degrees making it impossible for these machines, but the best thing is this usually does not last long. Nevertheless, Russia is well known in the whole world as the one place that is usually plagued with the harshest weather. 

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