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Cities With The Best Weather For Weddings

Tying the knot is a serious business which needs real commitment. Many of you married couples will concur with me that planning a wedding is one of the heaviest loads you have incurred in your relationship. The load becomes too heavy, till some couples decide to hire professional planners to lift the load for them

Wedding planning involves a lot things, such as sending invitations, planning menus, securing reservations among other things, but the most crucial item is the venue.  You definitely do not want to conduct your wedding at a place with bad whether like frequent rains. If it rains on your big day, the n you can’t expect any success out of it, You should also avoid snowy places, as snow would melt your wedding cake and finally avoid chilly venues, as u need to be warm, cheerful and energetic on your big day and not dull and shivering as you make look during a chilly day.. To avoid all these inconveniences read through this least, of five cities with the best whether for weddings, and decide which one will make your venue.


Florida ranks as the best city to hold your wedding as it always has favorably sunny weather and it is also the home of some best beaches, and many charming entertainment complexes. Florida covers quite a large geographical area, with as many wedding destinations. So it’s upon the couples to decide where to head. But some of the best wedding destinations here are, universal studios and walt-disney i9n central Florida, and Amelia Island in the north eastern coast.


Cleveland, OH

During summer, Cleveland would a make a perfect destination four your weddings. It experiences only four rain days between May and October, and this a guarantees you a rainy-free wedding. It also offers a variety of outdoor venues for your wedding. You could choose to settle at windows on the river, lander haven, orBrenan’s Catering and Banquet Center. 

Seattle, WA

In this city, well known for its mild rains, any day between months of June and September could be ideal for your big day. The temperatures at this period are favorably warm. You could decide to have your venue at Bella Luna farms, museum flights or at the lake Washington rowing club. All these venues are cheap and affordable. 

Los Angeles, CA

This is fittest wedding city for you at it is sunny all year round with mild temperatures of around 70 degrees F. Here there are a variety of venues that will make your big day a success. They include the los coyote country club and the Holy hoodRoosevelt. 


San Diego, CA

Are you craving for a beach wedding? Then this city will make you an ideal venue. San Diego is rain free as it experiences zero rainy days from June to September. Its temperatures are also favorable as they remain at 76 degrees F. this city is the home of the best beaches like the Bermuda beach, mission beach, and new break beach. 

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