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Coldest Cities In USA

Are you planning to spend your holidays, in USA this winter? Do you enjoy those funny winter moments of watching the snow come down?  Well. Enjoy the fun, but keep in mind that the snow moments, are just shadows, whatever is behind them, is no fun, it’s the below-freezing, unbearable winter. Therefore if you preparing to tour USA winter, or you are a resident there, take note on the following ten coldest cities of the USA and start preparing yourself to face the winter, you may have to buy the heaviest blanket and have a good stock of coffee, as winter is unbearable in these 10 cities.

1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Though there are quite a number of cities that experience the bad winter colds, Minnesota stands as the coldest of all, as  it is the only city that experiences below-freezing throughout the day during the months of January and February. Its average winter temperatures are 19 Degrees Fahrenheit, and it goes for several days with below zero temperatures of -7 and sometimes it drops to -23.

2. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is among some USA cities that have been rocked by deadly storms in the history and it is also the home of very heavy snowfalls, which at times have fallen for 107 days nonstop. It falls in our list of the coldest cities in use with mean winter temperatures of 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Detroit, Michigan

This city experiences over 40 inches of snow every also and also over 100 days below freezing per year, it also records a mean of 28 degrees Fahrenheit, hence ranking as the coldest state in the US.

4. Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland’s location near LakeErie, makes it a victim of very strong winds, below zero temperatures and bad effects of snow which lasts for almost half of the winter season. The city is so cold with mean winter temperatures of 30 degrees F.

5. Indianapolis, Indiana

This city also experiences over a 100 days of below freezing temperatures, and records mean winter temperatures of 31 degrees F.


6. Buffalo, New York

According to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, buffalo, nay York is among the coldest cities of the US with average winter temperatures at 16.9 degrees F.

7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wisconsin records an average winter temperatures at 25 degrees F, experiencing below freezing temperatures for over 126 days throughout the year.

8. Hartford, Connecticut

This cloudy city experiences cold seasons for almost four consecutive months from December to March. It has mean winter temperatures at 29 degrees F.

9. Fairbanks Alaska

Residents of Alaska tend to be spending most of their time around a campfire with very heavy blankets due to the extremely cold weather of the city. Alaska is indeed the coldest city amongst all others, as it has a mean winter temperatures of -4.5 F and below zero temperatures of -11.7 F.


10. Rochester, New York

Most of the cities in New York are normally cold, and Rochester which racks after buffalo, now closes our list of the ten coldest cities in USA. It has winter mean temperatures at 27 degrees F

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