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Hawaii, The Sun And Sands

When you hear the word, Hawaii the one thing that rings in your head is holiday! Holiday!. Hawaii is the one destination that is famously known for its beautiful beaches and awesome weather. However, when you take a closer look at the place you will realize that it has more than what people now. Besides being a fantastic holiday destination, it also a great place to live and work.


When you want to get away and have fun without stressing about the weather, then this is the right destination and place to be. Take a walk along the beach in the morning and get to see the beautiful site of the sun when it is coming up. As well, as enjoy the water on the beach while still basking in the sun any time you are out of the water. Another site to behold in Hawaii is the sunset. These is one site that never leaves your mind especially for the people who love nature.

Sands in Hawaii

The most beautiful aspect of the sands in Hawaii is the different types of the sand found in this island. The most common beach sands known to people are the white sand, which is found in most beaches in the world. But in Hawaii they pride themselves with the beauty of having different types of sand s in different beaches. Some of the phenomenal colored beaches include:

I. Black sand beaches

These majestic beaches are as a result of lava flowing onto the ocean. The basalt that is poured into the oceans it reaches the surfaces and settles at the surface, hence creating these beautiful, unusual coasts. When we talk about black sand beaches the one beach that comes to mind is the panaluu beache that is located on the southern kau cost in Hawaii.


II. Red sand beach

Surrounding the beach is a cinder cone rich in iron that is in a constant state of erosion causing the foundation of the most beautiful and dramatic beaches in the world. one of the most rarest red sand beach is the kaihallulu beach on maui which is located on south of hana bay on  the eastern coast. It’s one of the only a few red beaches in the world, which is a secrete beach.


III. Orange /gold sand beach

It is considered as a hidden gem and its isolation is the major attraction of these beach, of course also its yellow or gold sands that looks orange when hit but the sun. Papohaku beach is located  in Molokai and is also known as three mile beach. Though it’s a beautiful sight to behold swimming is not recommend due to its strong surf and currents.


IV. Green sand beach

Green sand beach is a formation by the enclosing cinder corn that circles this beach. It is rich in olivine mineral that is a common component of the Hawaiian lava, it is always the first crystal to form the magma cools. It is less in density is the reasons as to why it accumulates on the beach and does not wash back out into the sea.


The sun in Hawaii and the different colored beaches is by far the best and amazing features Hawaii has to offer to the world

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