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Immigration Maybe It’s The Weather

Immigrations in different nations take place constantly throughout the year, with the immigrants and their governments giving a dozen of reasons for the immigrations, ranging from war, health reasons, economy reasons, and other many reasons, but they forget one crucial factor that has seen the largest number of immigrations worldwide, and that is whether. Bad weather propels people to leave their native countries, into other countries where they may acquire citizenship and remain in those countries forever all to enjoy the favorable whether there.

Drought is one of the aspects of bad weather that has caused massive immigrations. Many European Union member countries, like Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Switzerland have been receiving millions of immigrants from the drought strickenAfrican and Middle East countries like morocco, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Syria, and Ukraine.  

Extreme whether like hurricanes, have caused alot immigrations. For example when Central American nations of Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama were struck by hurricane Mitch in 1998, US and Mexico received large of immigrants to from those countries.

In the earthquake vulnerable japan, many people have been migrating from the country to other safer countries, For example the 2011 japan earthquake which was followed by a tsunami saw thousands of people leave japan and immigrated to Australia and Osaka.


Floods is another form of bad weather that can cause immigration. Some Africancountries, like Niger and northern Nigeria have been victims of flooding. When flooding rocks a country it, ruins the agricultural sector, leading to rural dislocation and finally causing drought. When these floods hit those countries, the result was massive immigrations to Europe.

Apart from human immigrations, we have also birds and other animalsemigrating from their native countries to foreign countries to escape from bad weather.More than what human beings credit birds for, it has been discovered that birds have a sense of hearing infrasound preceding storms. In 2o14, when Tennessee, was almost to be rocked by heavy snowstorms which turned to tornadoes causing deaths of around 35 people, some birds known as  the golden-winged warblers sensed this whether in advance and flew to Florida. These birds’ surprised researchers by returning to Tennessee later after the tornadoes had ended. 

We have also been witnessing the annual migrations of wildebeests, which inhibit the Serengeti plains of southeastern parts of Africa. The animals graze in the in the grassy woodlands and savannas of the plains of Tanzania  and Kenya  andevery year they have to migrate from Serengeti plains heading to Maasai Mara all in search of green pastures.

People living in the sandstorms likely areas have had to migrate from Dubai to other safer countries after encountering several sandstorms hitting the same regions. When sandstorms warnings were issued in Dubai, a hike in the number of Dubai citizens taking visas to leave the country was reported. 

Therefore in conclusion, we could say that, across the whole world, whether is among the main factors that cause immigrations in different nations.

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