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Tropical Cyclone & Small Circles

A cyclone is a type of storm that is commonly found in the tropics. It’s a very violent storm and often when it occurs it does so while accompanied by hurricanes, lightening as well as very heavy down pours. It has very strong winds that are capable of blowing a house down. Its very difficult storm to predict its direction because it never moves in the same direction as other ordinary storms since it moves in circles.

The occurrence of cyclones is normally seen around tropical or warm regions of the world. When you look at India, it is one of the places that are in the region where a cyclone is likely to appear. In fact, in recent times it has been recorded that cyclones have appeared in this place severally leaving behind a large destruction of property as well as loss of lives in the process.

Signs and occurrence of a cyclone

Before a cyclone appears, it is normally predicted by the metrological departments of the region. And in this case they are usually able to warn people living in the areas that are likely to be affected by the storm. However, it is also hard to predict which direction it is going to blow from and to.


Some of the signs that can be seen or predicted about the occurrence of a cyclone, is that there is a creation of a low pressure in the sea, while the weather in the sea gradually gets very hot and no breath of wind is felt. Patches of dark clouds are seen spreading in the sky and eventually the sky becomes dark, and a storm immediately steps in. when the wind starts blowing violently then there you get to understand that a cyclone is about to begin.

Eventually there is a heavy down pour with flashes of light and thunder pealing loudly. The wind then blows furiously and forward forming circles. The wind can blow for hours or even days and with a roaring noise.

Effects of a cyclone and prevention

A cyclone just like any other storm when it occurs in much violence it often leaves a trail of distraction and untold damages. From tress falling, the biggest of them, house roofs are blown away and normally men die in the process. For the rivers around where a cyclone appears there are huge waves in the rivers that cause boats to sink and people drown. There is no exception to the destruction that is caused by a cyclone as both beasts and humans are affected.

When we talk about prevention, nothing much can be done when it comes to a cyclone, because as much as it can be detected it is hard to tell which direction it’s going to. However, when detected, people can be warned to be attentive and try as much as possible to avoid the direction its coming from thus, making sure in this case there is no destructions or if there is going to be its at a very minimal percentage.

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